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Warehouse Concrete Floor Polishing


As one of Europe’s established concrete polishing specialists, sometimes we look for a quicker polishing method to large, open, flat warehouse concrete floors to that of our traditional planetary dry grinding methods.

Where the concrete floor is in excess of 650 square metres and no aggregate exposure is required, we have the solution. We can provide a functional, dust free polished concrete floor, created up to 10 times quicker than traditional methods using our ride-on power trowel finishing and wet polishing method.

Newly poured and cast concrete slabs and older, flat concrete floors can be refined using our fast concrete polishing method.

Our polishing method is also ideal for warehouse floor cleaning to vacated distribution centres and warehouses prior to re-marketing.

Our Fast Trowel Concrete Polishing Process is Ideal Where:

  • Time and costs are the most critical parameters
  • The floor area is in excess of 650 m2
  • Floor areas are clear and in one open area (warehouse like)
  • Floors are already level and require no remedial grinding
  • No aggregate exposure is required for decorative purposes
  • Wet grinding can be undertaken without issue
  • Grinding slurry can be easily managed
  • Access is easy for ride-on trowel and scrubber driers

How Do We Do It:

Our process is usually a 6 stage wet polishing process with concrete densifier applied in-process to create a gloss, dust free surface that will retain a non-dusting, easily maintainable floor throughout the rest of its usable life.

We can also modify the process to polish to a lower grit finish to achieve either a matt or satin finish.

All options can also have the addition of an impregnating, stain resistant sealer for extra stain protection.

warehouse concrete floor polishing, Warehouse Concrete Floor Polishing, Ecoflor

The Benefits Of Our Fast Trowel Concrete Polishing Process:

  • Substantially quicker than dry grinding and polishing
  • Realistic output of between 800 and 1000 m2
  • Significantly more cost effective than dry grinding
  • For large areas, produces longer life floor than floor painting
  • Ideal for warehouse dilapidation back to new type finish
  • Ideal for cleaning concrete warehouse floors
  • No need for a 3 phase supply or generators
  • 10 year dust proof warranty

Your warehouse can be cleaned and polished to a light sheen for dilapidation hand back or polished to high sheen and sealed for further use.

Where our wet fast, power trowel concrete polishing cannot be used, why not try one of our dry grinding and polishing finishes below.

Industrial and Commercial Dry Concrete Polishing or Occupied Buildings

We’ve got a polished concrete floor system to suit your project:

  • HTC Superfloor Platinum – High gloss, exposed aggregate concrete grinding and polishing
  • HTC Superfloor Gold – High gloss, salt & pepper concrete grinding and polishing
  • HTC Superfloor Silver – Low sheen, exposed aggregate concrete grinding and polishing
  • HTC Superfloor Bronze – Gloss concrete polishing
  • Ameripolish Concrete Sealers – penetrating stain resistance sealers

warehouse concrete floor polishing, Warehouse Concrete Floor Polishing, Ecoflor

Covering the UK and Europe

We install our fast power trowel concrete polishing process for large concrete floor areas in England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and throughout Europe.

Why not join the growing number of companies that are looking for a more green method of creating and maintaining, large production facilities or warehouses as opposed to painting them periodically.

If you have a large concrete floor area to be polished, call us today for a free, no obligation quotation.

About Ecoflor

Our market-leading resin floor systems can be found beneath your feet at major PLCs across the UK, making Ecoflor the first choice for many commercial and industrial clients.

If you are looking for a resin flooring system and need some guidance, give us a call. Our friendly technical staff can assist with product selection. We can also assist with site surveys and specification writing to make your next resin flooring project go smoothly.

With a full preparation and installation service, Ecoflor can complete your resin floors around your existing process while your business continues unhindered. Dust free, snag free, on time and on budget, you can Trust in our Specialist Resin and Polished Concrete Flooring. That’s why major Plc’s choose Ecoflor time and time again.

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