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Polyurethane Flooring


Polyurethane flooring has traditionally been the resin flooring system of choice for the industrial sector, with heavy duty polyurethane floor screeds having chemical resistance to attack from the like of lactic acids, it has been the back bone of food process and beverage manufacturing since the early 1970’s.

With less sensitivity to humidity and the ability to be applied directly to concrete floors and be steam cleaned the differences between epoxy and polyurethane flooring became clearer.

Now, the range of polyurethane resin flooring has been expanded further to encompass the newer types of resinous floor covering, the new generation, easy to clean polyurethanes.

With the newer generation pu floor systems, our range expanded to not only include polyurethane flooring coatings and steam cleanable polyurethane screeds, but also the wide range of resilient polyurethane floors and liquid vinyl comfort floors.

Polyurethane has become one of the most important additions to our flooring solutions with many of our car parks floor surfacing systems including polyurethane options.  Some of our standard car park deck systems are based around a polyurethane floor coating, giving life and service benefits over epoxy resin.

With UV stability and a wide range of colours and with standard colours including white, the newer generation pu floors really do offer a long term solution over sheet vinyl systems, with estimated life cycles of around 40 years. When it comes to value engineering and life cost assessments of flooring options, polyurethane flooring definitely is an option to look at.

Polyurethanes are no longer limited to industrial floors and industrial environments, but commercial applications requiring freedom of colour and UV stability can benefit from pu flooring’s resistance to high traffic.

Let’s take a look at the polyurethane floor options we can install for your next project:

Polyurethane Floor Coatings

  • Solvent Free Polyurethane Floor Coatings – High build semi-flexible floor coatings typically gloss 400 microns in 2 coats – smooth & slip resistant.
  • Water Based Floor Seal – Typically thin section PU floor seals with UV resistance in clear or coloured options.

Polyurethane Flooring & Toppings

  • Liquid Vinyl Comfort Flooring – Next generation polyurethane floors with sound deadening options and underfloor heating compatible.
  • Resilient Polyurethane Floors – 2-4mm smooth and light anti-slip flexible polyurethane flooring.

Polyurethane Screed

  • Food Grade Polyurethane Screed – 6,9 and 12mm trowel applied heavy duty polyurethane screeds.
  • Smooth Polyurethane Topping – 2-3mm smooth matt economical flow applied flooring.
  • Heavy Duty MF Polyurethane Topping – 4-6mm smooth heavy duty flooring.
  • Seamless PU Terrazzo – 8mm seamless diamond polished polyurethane terrazzo floors.

The Importance of Surface Preparation

The correct floor preparation is the key to the application of any polyurethane flooring system. Whether it’s a small restaurant or a large warehouse coating project, we focus the same level of attention to each.

All resin systems rely on a mechanical bond to the substrate for a key, and for long term performance. Without good surface preparation the capital you expend on your flooring project is wasted.

Generally we prefer vacuum controlled diamond grinding to attain the best possible surface profile whilst giving the highest pull of readings. This means we can work in your premises whilst other areas are live without giving issues such as dust transfer and noise intrusion.

Our machines even collect and bag their own dust so the process is further managed to ensure that we have the very best outcome on every floor.

For larger areas that already have a textured finish or have thicker systems to remove we may use captive shot blasting or planing as an alternative. We always produce risk assessments and method statements so you can be sure we are looking out for the well being of everyone involved in the project.

We even manage the transition form internal to external using trolleys designed to carry our equipment and waste to eliminate heavy lifting or carrying for our operatives.

How Long Does It Take To Install

While every project is different, typically for a coating project up to 500m2, we can usually prepare the floor using our diamond grinding method and on the same day delivery of our resins and hardeners will complete. From there we can install a standard cure high build polyurethane coating within 48 hours to hand back.

Ecoflor will undertake all of the floor zone works from preparation, floor repairs, levelling and floor system installation so you can have piece of mind we have everything covered.

What Colours Are Available

Most of our systems have a standard colour range usually in shades that are regular installed to enable us to offer standardised pricing.

With most seamless systems however, and especially flow applied and floor coating variants, we can tint these systems to most RAL, Pantone and NCS colour references at additional cost so in reality there is no boundary to your imagination. You can even have your new floors colour matched to your corporate colour schemes.

What To Do Next

If you are looking for a resin flooring system and need some guidance, give us a call. Our friendly technical staff can assist with product selection for your next seamless floor. We can also assist with site surveys and specification writing to make your next resin flooring project go smoothly.

With a full preparation and installation service, Ecoflor can complete your resin floor installation around your existing process while your business continues unhindered. Dust free, snag free, on time and on budget, you can Trust in our Specialist Resin Flooring. That’s why major Plc’s choose Ecoflor time and time again.

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