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Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete Flooring – The Options

Polished concrete is the new phrase when it comes to long life floors. From heavy fork lift truck movements in industrial buildings, to creating that bespoke concrete look seamlessly in the latest cutting edge commercial application.

Our specialist polished concrete and concrete effect surfaces do just that and are increasingly popular. The benefits of polished concrete are extensive, with an easy to clean floor surface for medium to high traffic areas and suitable for both new and existing floors.

Take a look at the polished floors options we have below.

New and Existing Concrete Slabs – 75mm +

HTC Superfloor Concrete Polishing

We create HTC Superfloor polished concrete floor finishes using the latest in HTC concrete grinder machines and step by step technology. Specially developed to stand up to challenges faced by industrial spaces, to creating a high gloss industrial look for a commercial space. Superfloor is a dry grinding and dry polishing process for both new concrete and existing concrete floor slabs including dry shake finished concrete.

HTC Superfloor™ is a complete concept for polishing concrete. Initial grinding is completed using metal bonded diamond tools, followed by an application of chemical concrete densifiers. The polishing method mechanically refines the concrete surface with polishing diamond abrasive pads. This removes the weaker top cement paste and exposing the underlying, stronger concrete.

The existing concrete is ground and polished according to a dependable and thoroughly tested method with our specialist concrete polishing equipment and diamond polishing pads.

The result when polishing to progressively finer grits is therefore a floor with a completely even polished surface of a high quality, both functionally and aesthetically. A terrazzo like appearance can be achieved with a full reveal aggregate finish showing sands and aggregates.

To achieve all technical benefits and high standard demanded for calling the surface an HTC Superfloor, the grinding and concrete polishing must be performed according to the prescribed method with the correct polishing pads. Concrete floors require the application of chemical densifiers which aid the final finish but increase strength with an integral dust proofing solution. This minimises the risk of dusting in service. Typically newly placed concrete mix can be polished after 28 days, with some concrete designs being polished early after placing.

A stain resistant impregnating concrete sealer can be applied on completion for further stain resistance making our concrete polishing services a great all round choice even when lookin g to polish existing placed concrete floor slabs.

Polished Concrete Flooring Close Up - Aggregate Exposure

Polished Concrete Flooring Close Up – Aggregate Exposure

Overlays and Toppings to Existing Concrete & Screed

Concrete Effect Screeds – 6mm+

If it’s industrial chic you want, our cementitious polished screeds are ideal for commercial seamless applications from 10mm thickness upwards, with either a sealed finish or diamond polished.

For a bare industrial feel, burnished and sealed is the most economic option. With a diamond polished and sealed screed given the glamour factor to any commercial space. Using the same diamond polishing tools, concrete effect screeds are versatile as there is a range of colours and finishes available.

Micro Topping & Micro Cement – 2 to 3mm

For the ultimate in thin section flooring that replicates the look and texture of concrete, our Micro Topping is a clear winner. The synthetic system is installed at only 3mm and available in a rane of colours, but is waterproof and stain resistant giving the look of concrete that can easily be replicated across a company’s portfolio nationwide.

Our micro topping can be applied to existing concrete or screed, underfloor heated screed, marine plywood and even over existing tiled surfaces.

Micro cement gives the look of a power trowel concrete floor surface in only 3mm.

What are the Benefits of Polished Concrete

A floor is an investment. As a customer you expect a durable, long-lasting floor. From this, mainly economical angle, HTC Superfloor is an excellent choice. The cost of concrete polishing is low and the life-cycle long, thanks to the wearing qualities. The durability has been proved during rough conditions in heavy industries.

The maintenance costs are extremely low and further contribute to the advantages of HTC Superfloor.

Concrete is a strong, reliable, long-lived and environment friendly material that is really worth its price. Thanks to a concrete floor polished using HTC Superfloor™ there is no need to hide the concrete anymorePolished concrete meets all the requirements of a floor. The days when concrete symbolized something grey, dull and dirty is over.

Our environment is always the topic of the day, and we need to consider it in all our choices. Concrete is a natural material and the effects on the environment are minimal. HTC Superfloor™ is a floor, free from ecologically harmful chemicals. The floor doesn’t need any covering and environment friendly cleaning methods are used to maintain its glossy concrete finish.

What To Do Next

If you are looking for a concrete floor system and need some guidance, give us a call. Our friendly technical staff can assist with product selection for your next seamless floor. We can also assist with site surveys and specification writing to make your next flooring project go smoothly.

With a full preparation and installation service, Ecoflor can complete your floor installation around your existing process while your business continues unhindered. Dust free, snag free, on time and on budget, you can Trust in our Specialist Flooring. That’s why major Plc’s choose Ecoflor time and time again.

Click on request a quote to send an instant enquiry for a floor cost estimate or browse our systems .

As experts in grinding polishing and sealing new and existing concrete floors, Ecoflor polished concrete could be the next floor for you.

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