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What are the benefits of Poured Seamless Flooring?

Poured seamless flooring is the perfect solution for commercial and retail settings as well as many areas in industry. Not only does it offer design appeal, with bold colours, patterns and directional designs all available, but it’s also soft, warm and comfortable underfoot and exceptionally easy to maintain.

What is seamless flooring?

Poured seamless floor systems are generally epoxy or urethane-based. They contain multiple components and are mixed on-site before being applied to the substrate in a staged process. Once the flooring has cured, the poured system forms a monolithic surface with no joints and no areas for dirt, dust and bacteria to accumulate. This helps to keep the flooring hygienic with minimal maintenance.

Poured flooring can be easily customised to offer the functionality different spaces need. That includes protection against extreme temperatures, stains, abrasion and UV damage. Seamless floors also allow for controllable texture in areas where slip resistance is essential and rubber aggregates can be incorporated to significantly improve sound absorption and ergonomics.

Where can poured seamless flooring be used?

A long and varied list of properties that can be tailored to meet your particular needs means poured seamless flooring is well suited to a wide range of settings. Thats retail showrooms, industrial production halls, canteens, laboratories, schools, offices, leisure and entertainment spaces and many more.

What are the benefits of poured flooring?

  • A modern, stylish appealPoured resin flooring creates a completely seamless surface throughout an interior space. This modern, minimalist design is the perfect blank canvas on which to build a bespoke interior.
  • Hand-poured for a seamless finish – At Ecoflor, we prioritise the levelling of the subfloor, whether it’s concrete screed or existing flooring like tiles or floorboards, to ensure there are no cracks, joins or edges in the final surface. We then hand-pour our resin over the entire area to gradually produce the final surface. With years of experience working on every type of site, there’s no job we cannot handle.
  • Practicality and durability – While the stunning aesthetics of poured seamless flooring play a big part in most people’s choices, practicality and durability are also an important consideration. Poured polyurethane seamless flooring is soft, warm and comfortable underfoot. It does not crack and can be used on stairs, around drains and with coving while eliminating any unsightly edges, seams and joins.
  • Unlimited design options – One of the biggest benefits of poured seamless floors is the fact that they are available in almost any colour or design. You can also incorporate brand names, logos or patterns into the flooring to create a bespoke finish that represents your brand.
  • Low maintenance – Poured flooring creates a single, seamless surface. That means there are no joints, seams, welds or separate coving to worry about. That’s not only more hygienic than other flooring types, as there are no cracks or edges where bacteria can accumulate, but it also makes it easier to clean. This minimal maintenance not only helps to keep costs down but can also lead to a lifespan of up to 50 years.

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