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The Benefits of Commercial Polished Concrete Flooring

The Benefits of Commercial Polished Concrete Flooring

The polished concrete market is racing towards the USD 450 million-mark. This makes it the dominant flooring trend in Europe today.

Why is this type of industrial concrete flooring taking over as the preferred choice for commercial endeavours?

Find out what all the fuss is about here.

Polished Concrete is Cost-Effective

Polished concrete floors deliver considerable ROI thanks to reduced maintenance and energy costs and high longevity.

Industrial polished concrete floors improve ambient lighting due to their high reflectivity. That means you’ll need fewer artificial lights. Less lighting means lower electricity bills.

They also provide considerable time and money savings when it comes to the costs involved in upkeep. No need for waxing and polishing, as well as cost savings on reduced tyre wear on vehicles.

A weekly rotary clean with clean, cold water, scrubber drier and diamond cleaning pads is all your polished concrete floor needs to remain hygienic, remain in good condition and look its best.

Generally the polished concrete floor cost is one of the lowest as you utilise a new power trowel concrete slab or an existing concrete floor, then refine the concrete surface through diamond grinding along with chemical densifiers. Initial metal bond grinding can reveal sands and aggregates within the casting for exposed aggregate finishes. With the grinding polishing process through to the required gloss level, the concrete’s appearance changes dramatically.

You can also incorporate piped underfloor heating within the laid concrete build up, with new concrete technologies available in a range of colours so polished concrete takes on a more bespoke appeal. It is always worth approaching the polishing contractor before hand for guidance or alternatively consider placing the full concrete package with them to minimise the risk of slabs being laid incorrectly for grinding.

Newly placed concrete slabs can normally be grinded within 28 days, often earlier, making polished concrete not only the most cost effective floorzone finish available per square metre, but generally the quickest in terms of time on site.

As an extra cost-effective option for worn or poor concrete floors, you can resurface your existing floor with a polished concrete effect overlay or polished screed, so you’ll get all the benefits of a new floor at a reduced price.

Commercial Concrete Flooring is Long-Lasting

You won’t need to replace your industrial polished concrete floors any time soon either. This type of flooring offers all the durability of standard concrete beneath its attractive veneer.

They’re resistant to discolouring, chipping and staining, even in high traffic areas. This eliminates the need for waxing and frequent resurfacing. You’ll only need to refinish your concrete floor about every 12 years with a light diamond polish.

The refinishing process is quick and there’s little downtime involved. This repolishing process can be avoided by regular diamond pad cleaning which ultimately micro-polishes your concrete floor each time it is cleaned.

Environmental Perks of Polished Concrete

The long-lasting, low-maintenance properties of polished concrete, equate to a low carbon footprint. There’s little energy involved in replacing or repairing polished concrete.

You’ll also need less overhead lighting when you have polished concrete floors in your facility. This means less drain on the natural resources used in electricity production.

Concrete consists of water, gravel, and sand mixed with cement. In turn, cement contains mainly clay, limestone, iron ore, and sand. All these substances are abundant, renewable resources. As such, concrete is 100% recyclable.

Polished concrete will, in most cases, give a BREEAM Very Good rating when used on new build projects and often achieve an Excellent rating.

Safety Benefits Associated with Polished Concrete Flooring

This type of flooring is an excellent HSE-compliant choice for commercial buildings. It’s non-slip, and there’s no dusty residue from polished concrete. That means it’s much safer for your workers’ respiratory systems too, and an easy to clean floor means a safer, cleaner environment.

The extra ambient light created by polished floors means added visibility. This helps reduce the incidence of accidents. It also impacts eye strain and other safety risks associated with dimly-lit buildings.

During installation, there are no harmful chemicals released into the air either. So your operations can continue unabated in other areas of your building while your concrete floor polishing is being undertaken.


Polished concrete is an attractive type of flooring which is easily tailored to match your tastes. You’ll get to choose from a wide range of finishes to suit your brand or building design.

You’re sure to find a decorative option that suits you among the many varieties available.

Find the Best Commercial Flooring

Are you excited to start planning a sustainable and cost-effective solution for your commercial floors? That’s a good choice. Building standards are becoming more focused on these aspects of construction nowadays.

Get in touch to start enjoying the benefits of this modern flooring material.

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