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Factory & Plant Shutdown Floor Painting

Are you considering factory shutdown floor painting works?

We all know that the best possible time to paint your plant or factory floors is during a shutdown period but what are the main points to consider?

Ecoflor has a wide range of experience in carrying out all aspects of factory shutdown floor painting and resin flooring.

Here we provide some hints and tips gained from our years of experience.

Plan Your Shutdown Works As Early As Possible

Select the areas you are looking to upgrade and get a reputable industrial flooring contractor involved as soon as possible. They will have a wealth of experience (and a proven track record if you choose correctly) and can offer their guidance on key project points that you may not have thought of.

Get your plant team around the table to discuss shutting down plant and machinery and plan in any routine maintenance or upgrades. Ideally get this completed before your new flooring is installed. You don’t want your maintenance contractor to leave gouges and scratches in the new floor before you recommission the plant.

While Bigger is Better, Manageable Areas are Best

Your floor painting contractor can tell you how much floor can actually be installed in the time you allow them. This is where the experience of the contractor is key to handing back the areas on time. You don’t want your workforce returning back to the plant after the shutdown is over unable to walk on floors areas that are not complete.

Ecoflor knows that your plant is the heart of your operation. We know how long each of our flooring processes take so we can accurately gauge the duration of your works.

Surface Preparation is the Key (Literally)

You can’t just sweep around and put the paint down.

Ecoflor has a modern, hitech planetary grinding fleet to provide the best possible surface preparation. With state-of-the-art dust control systems working in your plant will not be an issue. We can also carry out works next to existing processes in live factories as our process is quieter than most other forms of preparation.

Generally in plant shutdowns, we would always opt for diamond floor grinding for floor preparation prior to floor painting. This is a more controlled method and gives a more even, smoother surface profile to accept the resin coating.

Correct and well executed surface preparation is vital to any floor painting projects long-term success.

Choose The Correct Floor Finish

Do you need a smooth finish for a dry process or storage area or an anti-slip coating for areas that may get wet or your process could create a slip hazard. Ecoflor’s epoxy coatings can be installed either as a smooth or textured finish with varying levels of anti-slip so the floor painting can be tailored to your requirements.

We also have a range of longer term, heavy duty floor solutions in our epoxy flow applied and quartz screed systems, and our food grade, hygienic polyurethane screeds so every factory floor option is covered.

Arrange Your Free Plant Shutdown Floor Painting Quotation

Now you have the basic points to consider for your project why not give us a call on 0333 1234 385. Or drop us an e-mail at hello@ecoflor.co.uk for a free, no obligation quotation. If you have dimensions and some site photos and only want a budget quotation at this stage, we can even e-mail you a free proposal with some options usually within 24 hours.

Discuss your project

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