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How Much Does Resin Flooring Cost?

How Much Does Resin Flooring Cost?

‘How much does resin flooring cost?’ and for factories and warehouses, ‘What is the epoxy resin paint cost per square meter’- These are the the questions we are often asked by our customers, so we thought we’d put together a quick guide to give you a better idea. The truth is that there is no definitive answer to this question due to the wide range of resin flooring products on offer, each with different properties and designed for particular applications. However, we can give you a clearer understanding of the costs involved.

It depends on the application

The true cost of resin flooring products depends very much on the intended application. If you need a flooring solution that…

  • Has excellent wear resistance
  • Will protect the building fabric/substrate
  • Is impervious and chemical resistant
  • Can improve slip resistance
  • Creates a seamless hygienic finish
  • Looks amazing

… then the truth is that resin flooring is not actually expensive at all. However, if you don’t need a product that provides a combination of these features, then like any over-engineered solution, resin flooring will seem quite expensive.

Factors that affect the cost of resin flooring

There are a number of factors that affect the cost of resin flooring. They include:

  • The size of the area – resin flooring cost per square metre (m2) differs depending on the size of the overall job. This is clearly one of the most important factors. A larger flooring area will be more expensive, but it does lead to a lower cost per sq metre. This is due to the fact that resin floors are mixed and installed on site, which means a bigger area allows for increased efficiencies and economies of scale.
  • The substrate – If the substrate is of a poor quality and needs remedial work before the resin flooring can be applied, this will also increase the overall cost.
  • The quality – When it comes to the level of durability resin flooring provides, there is a big difference from one system to another. Resin floors also outperform one another in factors such as the level of chemical resistance, heat resistance, speed of cure, viscosity and deterioration from ultraviolet light. The higher performing the flooring, the higher the price.

Outstanding Value Over The Longer Term

The range of factors above makes it difficult to give you an accurate answer to the question ‘how much does resin flooring cost?’ However, as a very broad guide, you should expect a price of between £7 and £15 for per sq. metre for floor coatings for large areas and between £50 and £100 per sq. metre for high performance polyurethane flooring. This might seem expensive when compared to other options, but the durability and performance of resin flooring far exceeds that provided by other flooring solutions. For this reason, over its lifetime, resin flooring provides outstanding value over other types of floor.

Sustainability of Resin Flooring

Our poured resin systems with the best sustainability and environmental credentials are our polyurethane smooth systems. With the ability to overlay existing concrete flooring, new slabs and even timber and existing floor tiles, our supply and fit service gives you the ability to specifiy great looking floors with longer term warranties. Did you know that our seamless polyurethane floors have a standard 10 year warranty with life expectancy up to 40 years!

The Importance of Surface Preparation

The correct floor preparation is the key to the application of any epoxy floor system. Whether it’s a small restaurant or a large warehouse coating project, we focus the same level of attention to each.

All resin systems rely on a mechanical bond to the substrate for a key, and for long term performance. Without good surface preparation the capital you expend on your flooring project is wasted.

Generally we prefer vacuum controlled diamond grinding to attain the best possible surface profile whilst giving the highest pull of readings. This means we can work in your premises whilst other areas are live without giving issues such as dust transfer and noise intrusion. Our machines even collect and bag their own dust so the process is further managed to ensure that we have the very best outcome on every floor.

For larger areas that already have a textured finish or have thicker systems to remove we may use captive shot blasting or planing as an alternative. We always produce risk assessments and method statements so you can be sure we are looking out for the well being of everyone involved in the project.

We even manage the transition from internal to external using trolleys designed to carry our equipment and waste to eliminate heavy lifting or carrying for our operatives.

Need a quote?

For a more detailed answer for your personal resin flooring cost answer to the question ‘how much does resin flooring cost?’ please get in touch with our team. Email: contact@ecoflor.co.uk or call 0800 6126 500 for a no-obligation quote.

Whether its kitchen flooring for a busy hotel or restaurant, polished concrete for the most chic of retail stores, or anti-slip coatings for a busy distribution warehouse, Ecoflor have a floor to fit.

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