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Is Technology Changing Commercial and Industrial Flooring?

Commercial flooring has changed beyond all recognition in the last hundred years or so, from the simple concrete and wooden floors of the Victorian era, to the wide range of flooring options that exist today. While the instability of factory floors was once a huge health hazard, now floors can easily withstand wear from people, vehicles, products and industrial chemicals in line with the strictest safety standards.

New product innovations in commercial and industrial flooring include digital graphic applications and hybrid nano technology, but there is also a greater desire for more product transparency in terms of the environmental and health credentials of the flooring.

Digital graphic applications

Those wanting the aesthetic appeal of natural flooring types like marble, stone and wood, without the price tag, can now buy porcelain tile floors which incorporate digital graphics which look just like the real thing. As well as reducing the cost of the flooring, porcelain tiles also have a range of properties, such as their durability and ease of maintenance, which many natural materials don’t. The result is a great looking, high performing flooring solution on a budget.

As an example, faux-wood-on-porcelain-tiles are now available in saw-cut, smooth and distressed textures, in both traditional and colour palettes. This incredible level of choice means there’s an innovative flooring type out there for a wide range of commercial applications.

580px 300px hybrid nano technologyHybrid nano technology

Traditionally, floor finishes have used solvent based and water based acrylics or polyurethanes, but now hybrid technology allows acrylics and polyurethanes to be cooked together at the chemical bonding stage to offer a wider range of properties. The result is a floor finish that combines the benefits of acrylics (ease of application and maintenance) and the advantages of polyurethane (durability and hardness) without any of the disadvantages.

By using nano technology in floor finishes, it means the bonds created between the substrate and finish are made deeper in the floor and are much stronger. The result is a unique range of benefits that standard floor finishes cannot provide.

Product transparency

Today there is also a much greater call for product transparency than there has been before. Flooring manufacturers are responding by making more information about the health and environmental credentials of their products available. This data has also become more verifiable, meaning customers can now eliminate products that do not meet their sustainability demands.

There is also an increasing demand for flooring products that can incorporate recycled materials. There was a time when eco-friendly flooring severely restricted your choice of materials, but now the number of designers that are seeking out eco-friendly materials for their environmentally savvy clients is on the up, as is the range of materials they can choose from.

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