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Floor Dilapidation Guide – Floor Repairs and Painting

The Tenants & Landlords Guide to Floor Dilapidation Works

When a lease agreement is coming to the end of its term, both tenants and landlords focus on any dilapidation works needed to the property to draw the agreement to a close swiftly.

Landlords will look to protect their interest and investment in building condition and their opportunity to either return units to the lease market, or potentially market properties to onward investors.

Landlords may often employ an agent to draft a Terminal Schedule highlighting works required and to oversee works should a tenant elect to undertake works at the end of its lease itself.

Tenants will look to return the property to the landlord in a condition acceptable so as to avoid any charges or retention of bonds to rectify defects.

Dilapidation works or ‘dilaps’ are simply any repairs required to be rectified by the tenant prior to lease surrender or termination. Dilapidations are also sometimes known as Lease Exit Costs.

Floor Dilapidation Works

Lets take a look at how Ecoflor can help with your floor dilapidations:

  • Floor grinding and preparation
  • Floor repairs including bolt holes and joint repairs
  • Floor painting and floor coating works
  • Floor levelling and pump applied screeds
  • Epoxy self smoothing and flow applied epoxy toppings
  • Flexible polyurethane floors over existing asphalt
  • Car park dilapidation works including coatings

Floor Grinding and Preparation

Ecoflor has a modern, hitech planetary grinding fleet to provide the best possible surface preparation. With state-of-the-art dust control systems working in your building will not be an issue. We can also carry out vacuum controlled captive shot blasting for quick, economical floor preparation although the finish achieved is never as aesthetically pleasing as diamond grinding.

Floor Repairs

Whether small or large repairs, we have a solution. For small bolt hole infills we use our flowable, thixotropic epoxy resin to provide a tight repair. For larger,  deeper repairs, we have flowable and trowelable cement based systems using fast cure technology which in most cases can be trafficked within 4 hours of placing keeping downtime and programmes to a minimum.

Floor Painting and Coating Works

Ecoflor’s Ecoflor HB solvent free, high build epoxy coating has been used over a number or large scale dilapidation schemes where floors have required refurbishment and coating prior to re-marketing or lease onward to new clients.

This coating system is available in either smooth or anti-slip variants and is suitable for both production hall and warehouse and storage environments. This confirms to BS 8204 Part 6, Type 3.

The wider benefit of this epoxy coating is that it can raise the profile and aesthetic appeal of a unit economically. Ecoflor HB is a 400 micron (0.4mm) 2 coat system with costs comparable to thinner build systems such as water based epoxy coatings. You get more build thickness and a better finish for the same cost as a thinner coating.

For dilapidations, this means you can achieve a much better finish for less expense.

Floor Levelling

Where existing concrete floors are of a poor quality, or some remedial levelling is required, we can offer a hand trowelled or pump applied cement based screed system to provide a smooth finish. Where specific tolerances are required, we have the ability to install screeds to achieve even the tightest of tolerance. With walk on times usually of around 4 hours, drying and curing won’t be an issue for your dilapidation project.

Flow Applied Smooth Epoxy Floors

Where clients require a higher grade of finish over standard epoxy coatings, we can offer flow applied high gloss epoxy flooring to achieve a more superior surface finish.

Flexible PU Floors Over Asphalt

Using the latest in flexible, long-life polyurethane technology, we can offer to prepare existing mastic asphalt toppings and overlay with a smooth or anti-slip polyurethane surface to upgrade floors.

Car Park Dilapidations

With our range of Traffic epoxy, polyurethane and polyaspartic car park coating systems, we can re-instate car parks to an as-new finish for dilapidation purposes. We even offer anti-carbonation wall and soffit coatings to refurbish areas.

Arrange Your Free Floor Dilapidation Quotation or Specification

Now you have the basic points to consider for your project why not give us a call on 0333 1234 385. Or drop us an e-mail at hello@ecoflor.co.uk for a free, no obligation quotation. If you have dimensions and some site photos and only want a budget quotation or specification at this stage, we can even e-mail you a free proposal with some options usually within 24 hours.

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