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Micro Cement Flooring

Micro Cement Flooring Systems – Concrete Effect

Our micro cement flooring concrete effect system is a polymer modified ultra thin cementitious topping that can be applied to concrete, screed and timber substrates and both floor and wall surfaces to create a power floated concrete effect.

Why Choose Micro Cement?

This 3mm thick micro cement based build up system, also referred to as a micro topping, can be applied to a wide range of surfaces to replicate the smooth look of a power floated concrete floor but without the limitations of concrete thickness and weight.

Due to the trowelling process each project is unique due to the patination created through the trowel application so your micro cement floor or wall will be bespoke to your project. The systems versatility allows us to combine floors and walls through the seamless application.

Giving an industrial feel to spaces, micro cement has exception adhesion to most substrates allowing for a thin application from 1mm upwards to be utilised on timber floors giving a unique micro cement appearance no other resin can replicate. With the look and feel of concrete, most cannot believe this micro concrete is so thin and lightweight.

With a thickness of only 1 up to 4mm, you do not need to install concrete screeds or concrete in excess of 75mm.

Micro cement can be applied in most commercial applications with no issue in regard to weight or reduced heights. If over boarded correctly, we can even install over a well constructed raised access floor system.

What are the benefits of micro cement polished concrete floors?

  • Bonds to most substrates
  • Concrete finish – micro cement finishes
  • Extremely thin finish with the look of concrete
  • Microcement application is thinner than polished screeds
  • Durability and easy to maintain
  • A seamless finish using cements, fine aggregates mixed with water and polymer
  • A range of standard pigment water based colours
  • Bespoke finish created by on site circlular pan trowelling
  • Matt or satin finish
  • Can be applied over existing tiled floors
  • Light textured finish available as loft microcement finishes
  • Protective layer of mesh can be installed within the base coat

How is a micro cement floor installed?

Our micro topping system is installed by hand so we don’t need concrete pumps and noisy power floats. The micro top is built up over a serious of coarse then finer layers after the substrate is initially primed. Each subsequent layer from coarse to fine is sanded to achieve a smooth finish.

For a more rustic finish with noticeable surface texture, the sanding of each layer is minimal. The choice is yours. Once each layer is complete, we install a seal coat to the surface to help keep the floor clean and aid stain resistance.

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The Importance of Surface Preparation

The correct floor preparation is the key to the application of any floor system. Whether it’s a small restaurant or a large warehouse coating project, we focus the same level of attention to each.

All resin systems rely on a mechanical bond to the substrate for a key, and for long term performance. Without good surface preparation the capital you expend on your flooring project is wasted.

Generally we prefer vacuum controlled diamond grinding to attain the best possible surface profile whilst giving the highest pull of readings. This means we can work in your premises whilst other areas are live without giving issues such as dust transfer and noise intrusion. Our machines even collect and bag their own dust so the process is further managed to ensure that we have the very best outcome on every floor.

For larger areas that already have a textured finish or have thicker systems to remove we may use captive shot blasting or planing as an alternative. We always produce risk assessments and method statements so you can be sure we are looking out for the well being of everyone involved in the project.

We even manage the transition form internal to external using trolleys designed to carry our equipment and waste to eliminate heavy lifting or carrying for our operatives.

Where substrates are poor, we always recommend a scratch coat primer or remedial levelling to improve surfaces prior to epoxy resin floor application.

How Long Does It Take To Install

The Ecoflor team has applied our microcement floor finishes to commercial premises across the UK, using fast, clean, dust-free grinding and priming to prepare surfaces, before applying the micro top build up to floors by trowel.

As the system is built up over a series of layers, installation usually takes around 4 working days on site to create your micro top master piece.

Would our micro cement flooring look perfect at your premises? Explore your options and find out more about micro cement applications by discussing your requirements with our helpful team at contact@ecoflor.co.uk or by calling 03331234385.

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