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Flow Applied Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring might not be something you’ve heard of before, but if you’re looking for a strong, durable floor that’s easy to maintain, there’s a good chance it’s the perfect flooring type for you. At Ecoflor, we have a quality range of epoxy flooring solutions that includes:

Flow Applied Epoxy Resin Flooring 1-3mm

Perfect for all industrial, commercial, retail, healthcare and educational applications, our 1-3mm solvent free epoxy flooring complements modern buildings to create a stunning visual effect. With an almost endless colour palette, you can find just the right match for the existing décor with a high gloss finish.

The seamless surface of an epoxy self-smoothing decorative flooring system makes it well suited to areas where hygiene is a priority. It also has a non-dusting floor surface to enhance public spaces. This makes it ideal for applications where the best possible surface is required at a low price.

Flow applied epoxy can be applied to concrete and most screed substrates. We are also able to include reinforcement in order that this system can be applied over suitable timber substrates.

The system give a smoother higher gloss finish than standard thinner section solvent free coatings with warranty periods of 10 years and life expectancy in excess of 15 years.

The Importance of Surface Preparation

The correct floor preparation is the key to the application of any epoxy floor system. Whether it’s a small restaurant or a large warehouse coating project, we focus the same level of attention to each.

All resin systems rely on a mechanical bond to the substrate for a key, and for long term performance. Without good surface preparation the capital you expend on your flooring project is wasted.

Generally we prefer vacuum controlled diamond grinding to attain the best possible surface profile whilst giving the highest pull of readings. This means we can work in your premises whilst other areas are live without giving issues such as dust transfer and noise intrusion. Our machines even collect and bag their own dust so the process is further managed to ensure that we have the very best outcome on every floor.

For larger areas that already have a textured finish or have thicker systems to remove we may use captive shot blasting or planing as an alternative. We always produce risk assessments and method statements so you can be sure we are looking out for the well being of everyone involved in the project.

We even manage the transition form internal to external using trolleys designed to carry our equipment and waste to eliminate heavy lifting or carrying for our operatives.

Would you like to know more about any of our trowel or flow applied, smooth, epoxy flooring solutions? We’re here to answer your questions. Contact our team by emailing: contact@ecoflor.co.uk or calling: 03331234385 today.


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