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Exposed Car Park Deck Waterproofing

Exposed top decks of car parks prove the most complex when it comes to car park flooring. The system needs to be resistant to regular vehicular traffic and pedestrian traffic whilst providing a waterproof layer to the structure prevent water ingress to lower parking decks or facilities on lower floors. Ecoflor has a range of flexible top deck waterproofing systems that can provide a solution to all the exposed deck requirements.

Exposed Deck Safety

From increasing the visibility of car parking spaces to reduce knocks and bumps, to maintaining a sturdy, flat surface without cracks or damage which can result in trips and falls, our flexible exposed car park deck waterproofing system is full of clever safety features which will help protect your patrons.


Unlike lower decks, the exposed car park deck will be subject to temperature cycling which needs a flexible surface to cope. Our polyaspartic and polyurethane exposed deck systems have an elastic waterproof membrane and flexible inter-coats that can cope with the inter-day temperature fluctuations as well as seasonal variations. These elastic components will remain flexible for the life of the system.


The increased flexibility of the exposed deck system provides a major advantage – keeping the floor system waterproof throughout it’s life. Water ingress from a top deck to lower decks creates major issues. Regular water ingress to concrete structures leads to spalling and corrosion of reinforcing components, meaning costly concrete repairs further in to the structures life. Water migrating from the top deck through the structure can also lead to damage to paintwork of vehicles parked on lower decks in the line of any water movement, with potential for high value insurance claims against building owners or operators.


The longevity and durability of Ecoflor’s exposed deck systems reduces the cost of maintaining and replacing your surfaces and mitigates costly concrete repairs to lower level structures over time. With years of durable-life, our waterproof deck systems require less regular maintenance and protect your premises components in the long term with impressive abrasion resistance – even in high traffic sites. Our top deck system also has a UV resistant top coat so it won’t discolour over time in the sunlight.

Super fast applications

Closing a car park or garage for maintenance can be problematic, and can even affect your profits. When time is of the essence, opt for our polyurethane and polyaspartic waterproof deck system with intercoat times of as little as 60 minutes and no odour.

With complete installations taking mere hours, you can minimise downtime and get back to business in next to no time. This coating is also odourless which protects patrons from nasty fumes too.

New Build or Refurbishment

When time is of the essence, we have a waterproof deck solution using our combination polyurethane and polyaspartic flexible systems to get your asset refurbished and back to work in the shortest possible time. With phased refurbishment your parking asset can stay in partial use, with the knowledge that patrons will not be affected by any odours from the deck materials.

When it comes to new build exposed deck or podium deck car parking areas, our slower curing flexible polyurethane waterproof system is fantastic value for money and can be installed rapidly without odour so other trades can continue working nearby without issue.

Are you preparing to replace your exposed deck car park floor or looking to waterproof a new build car park deck? Find out more about the benefits of our smart systems. Speak with our knowledgeable team today at contact@ecoflor.co.uk or on 03331234385.


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