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Preparation, preparation, preparation. We all know that “a job well begun is half done”, which is why the Ecoflor team take great care to create the perfect base and environment for your new floor.

The better the preparation, the better and more durable the result.

From floor prep for epoxy coating, to preparation for poured concrete floors, different environments and flooring types call for different steps, tools and techniques. Here’s a quick overview of how our key preparation processes work.

Superprep diamond grinding

Installing a floor finish on a concrete floor? In most cases, Superprep diamond grinding is the preparation of choice. This process creates a smoother, more even surface profile which makes all the difference to your floor’s finish at the end of the project, whether you’re using a thin film coating or a more substantial topping.

We typically make use of this technique prior to installing resin floor finishes, or when creating a high gloss, polished concrete finish.

Our team use modern grinding machines, all with the very latest HEPA dust extraction systems. This means we can prepare floors quickly, economically and with no need to suspend operations in other areas of your building due to dust.

Captive shot blasting

Both existing and new concrete floors can be prepared for toppings using captive shot-blasting. This technique provides a textured surface and can also be used to prepare steel to SA2.5 (the standard required for resin floor installation).

To undertake this preparation in smaller spaces, our team blast floors with purpose-built walk behind machines. For more substantial projects, we utilise high speed ride-on blasters, which allow us to prepare up to 3,000m2 of flooring per day.

Milling & planing

Does your existing floor finish need removing and replacing? This is where our milling and planing techniques come into play. Ideal for removing toppings, latex, adhesive and floor finishes, milling and planing strips away your existing finish quickly and cleanly.

The machinery the Ecoflor experts use for this process depends on your particular surface and space. Medium sized projects typically call for standard vacuum controlled walk behind machines. Larger projects (including car park deck removal) usually require a ride on cold milling water controlled machine which can remove a whopping 100mm of surface per pass.

Latex & adhesive removal

Our fleet of grinding machines makes short work of large areas of latex, tile adhesive and bitumen adhesive. Great for getting rid of old surfaces before your new topping or coating is applied, our grinding machines are also fantastic for creating polished concrete floors.

Paint & coatings removal

A crucial part of concrete floor preparation for painting is removing existing paint and coatings properly. Our diamond grinding machines remove old finishes in next to no time. They can even be used to abrade existing coatings to refresh floors cost-effectively instead of re-coating them.

Whether you’re polishing an existing concrete floor, reading up on floor prep for epoxy coating or removing old paint for a fresh finish, we can help you install flawless flooring. Have any questions? We’re happy to help. Contact us today via contact@ecoflor.co.uk or on 03331234385.

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